Julie Leavell

Julie DSC_7000CLeavell holds a B.S. Degree from Sam Houston State University in all-level Kinesiology with an emphasis in teaching and coaching. Julie has worked in youth fitness for 10 years through the YMCA, summer leagues, and coaching middle school athletes. For the past 8 years, Julie has been involved with adult fitness here in Austin. She enjoys offering diversity to her clients with weights, outdoor runs and hikes, and water exercise.

DSC_7111CJulie’s philosophy for a healthy mind and body involves a well-rounded individualized routine of strength training and cardiovascular activities that enable a person to feel great about themselves while enjoying their workouts! Julie enjoys training herself and in her free time has been involved in area triathlons, running events, kick boxing, wake boarding, and marathons. She believes keeping workouts new, interesting, and fun is the key to a lifetime of physical wellness!





Personal Training:  $65/session       Group Training:  $35/session