Amber Janak

Amber Janak joined Wild Basin Steiner Ranch just months after we opened our doors. She brings with her a true love and passion for an active lifestyle. An avid tennis player, Amber also enjoys wakeboarding, bicycling and snowboarding. Oh, and she’s also competed in 5 triathlons. She’s spent two years polishing her training abilities under Wild Basin owner Kirk Leavell and manager Ryan Helms.

Amber’s engaging personality and willingness to do anything to support the staff and clients at Wild Basin has won her tons of fans. Her clients love her attitude and her willingness to help them, no matter what shape they are in. Her sense of commitment and her enthusiasm is obvious in her training style. “I really just want you to try,” says Amber. “Life is more enjoyable when you can be fit, have fun, play harder and not get injured, which allows you to continue to be active with your kids, spouse, friends, etc.”

In addition to training at Wild Basin, Amber is dedicated to helping her family and her community stay fit and active throughout their lifetime. She volunteers with local kids’ sports organizations and plays community tennis year round.

“I am inspired and motivated by the people that surround me here, to be active and involve each person who walks in the doors. I’m very athletic and competitive, and want everyone to compete with themselves daily. Be a better person tomorrow than you are today, at whatever you do!” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


Personal Training:  $65/session          Group Training:  $30/session