CLOSED Sunday, October 24, 2021 to replace the stairs!

We support your decision to wear a face covering anytime when visiting the gym.  It is not required.  We ask that you continue to clean the equipment as you use it and be mindful of the other patrons and keep your distance when in the gym.

Email with any questions.

Smart Moves 45-day Challenge

Lose Weight – Gain Muscle – Eat Clean – Use Technology
Join this Facebook event & take these 45 days to make REAL changes with the support of a community, along with Personal Trainer, Amber Janak at Wild Basin Fitness.
Use your Smartwatch and coordinating app to stay focused on your personal goals. For this event we will focus on Steps per day (10,000) and Calories burned (and consumed).
Let’s post daily progress! Take a picture of your smartwatch stats OR screen shot your stats; add a comment on how you feel you can improve, or an accomplishment.
We are privileged to have Nutritionist Beth Jameson in our group. She can assist in any food challenges or nutrition questions you might have – so fire away! Just like the rest of us, she is working hard at maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Challenge yourself to move more.
Take a walk with a family member after dinner and catch up; Walk the dog one last time before bed; or take a few laps around the house to gain more steps.
Together we can do this! Let’s go!!