Any persons entering the gym are required to wear a face covering, and may feel free to remove it when working out unless 6 feet distance cannot be maintained with other persons in the gym.

Email with any questions.

SKI CONDITIONING starts Nov. 28th - Dec. 19th!


We will keep the turf open for workout as long as weather cooperates!

That’s right! Workout Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays anytime between 8am – 12noon outdoors, on our turf through the Fall

Use any of the equipment we have available. PLUS there’s plenty of room to stay out of each others way, AND we will have hand sanitizer, anti-viral cleaner, and towels for your use to keep everyone safe. Amber and Morgan will be training their groups on the TURF, and can help with any equipment needs or questions!

Sweat it out OUTSIDE in the fresh Texas heat!