Heartfelt Message from Ryan


I hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy through these arduous times.

I’m reaching out to you today because we need your help.
Like most other businesses and households, we have taken an unprecedented financial hit this year. Businesses everywhere have permanently closed their doors.
Our survival is dependent on revenue. Member’s support, budgeting, and our landlord’s efforts have kept us operating through most of 2020.  Unfortunately, this grace from the landlord has run its course.   
The reality is:  if we do not increase our revenue in the next 60 days, Wild Basin Fitness will not survive through the new year.  This information is not meant to pressure anyone.  I am simply stating the facts, and YES, I am asking for your help.  Julie will also be calling to check in and answer any questions or concerns. 

I understand many of you have been hesitant or unable to return to the gym due to various serious reasons: COVID, Personal Health issues, Childcare issues, Loss of income, Other personal matters.
 If you would like Wild Basin Fitness to be here in 2021, here is something to consider.  For those of you who are willing and able to support us financially, but may not be ready to return in person to the gym or take our zoom classes, we created the ONWARD program.  ONWARD has the ability to help both of us. We need funds immediately to survive and many of you want to return to Wild Basin Fitness sometime down the road. ONWARD: Pay $35 monthly deposit on your future membership. Your $35 per month now will support the gym, and we will credit this same amount each month to your normal membership fee once you return in person (until your deposit has been repaid in full.)

For those of you who have been away and are considering returning, let me share this with you…
Weight room is OPEN.
Cardio room is OPEN.
Classes are OPEN (in person and zoom live).
We have a great outdoor turf area our members can use in 3 ways: on their own, with a trainer, or with a class. Plenty of free weights, med balls, bands, kettlebells, row machines.
We continue to limit the number of members inside the gym or studio to adhere to the state guidelines.  
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that we get the gym treated and tested for microbial existence, and we continue to receive impeccable results!
We humbly ask for your support through one of our membership options:
$35/mo ONWARD Program:  pay monthly toward your future membership; to be credited monthly when you rejoin.
$50/mo  Student Membership
$50/mo LIVE stream membership:  unlimited Zoom classes we livestream from the Studio & Turf, Unlimited On-Demand Library
$75/mo  Basic Membership:  Gym & Turf use
$110/mo Premium Membership:  Gym & Turf use, In-Studio and Zoom Classes, Unlimited On-Demand Library

Email Wild Basin Fitness to Support!                   
 * add a child for $20/mo to any membership
 ** Seniors, Military, Emergency Services, Clergy, Educators receive 20% discount on Basic & Premium memberships.

Please help us share these options by telling your friends and neighbors.  Call us at 512.266.6161 for more information or to start a membership, or send us an email to learn more.

Thank you,

Ryan Helms
Manager & Trainer