Stay healthy and strong without leaving the neighborhood!

Personal Training

Personal Training can not only keep you on track with you fitness goals, but also keep you in the game. Whether you are an athlete, or student athlete participating in a sport for the season, or a weekend warrior just wanting to keep up with the pace of the family, we have the expertise you need to make progress and keep injury out of sight. Our personal training staff has logged many years of success at meeting goals. Gain strength, become more flexible, and gain longevity in your joints and cardiovascular capacity by developing great habits with us.

So Many Classes to choose from!

Every day we have a class that is good for your body. If you like to workout early in the morning, take a look at our 5:30 and 5:45 classes. Strength outdoors on the turf M/W/F and Kickboxing Tu/TH will keep a great balance with cardio and strength. At 7:00am you can get strength, cardio, and Yoga every weekday. Then at 8:15 and 9:30 it really opens up with Strength, Cardio / Core / Strength fusion classes, Stability ball Core, Yoga, and HIIT classes. We also have evening classes to balance the body with strength, cardio, and Flow Stretch Melt to end the week.

Check out our class schedule on our website, then use your MindBody app to save a spot in a class. We really have all you need to stay strong and healthy!

It’s like we are a wellness center

Everything in one place! Yes, we have fitness professionals who care about your health and fitness and can help you meet your goals. But what happens when you aren’t at the top of your game and you need a little attention on your body or nutrition. Inside the gym we have a Chiropractic and Rehabilitation practice, Pinnacle Sports Performance & Rehabilitation. Every weekday there is a doctor in house who can address issues that are holding you back. You can make an appointment easily by stopping by their desk or calling their office at 512.329.5500. Check out for more info. Most insurance plans accepted. NOT ONLY THAT, but a message therapist is available by appointment Mon-Thur 6:30-10pm. (Leanne Stigler)

Dr. Ryan Anderson, DC

Dr. Mike Bhatt, DC, TPI-MP2

Dr. Logan Reiff, DC

Leanne Stigler, MSOM, LMT

So you want to get your nutrition in order. Make an appointment with Sherri Tovar, Professional Dietician. She can help you with a plan to eat cleaner and feel healthier. You are working hard to be the best you can be, so make the most of the resources around you! That’s why we are here.

UPDATE on the gym:

Actually, things are going pretty good. We appreciate all members who have kept your membership through the tough times, and are super appreciative of all members who have joined in the past few months!

We try to adapt to what our membership needs, so we have added classes as membership has grown. We have even changed the type of classes we offer to suite the needs of those who attend classes. Many of our classes are available via Zoom. You can get the log in info when you sign in through your MindBody app. Some strength classes are offered on the turf to add to that “outdoor experience” for those who might not want to be indoors all the time.

Spread the word to join Wild Basin Fitness!

We are sweating! We are having fun! WE ARE THRIVING!!

Jamie – Ryan – Sherri at Concert in the Park