GRIT is Wild Basin's new high-intensity circuit training class.

Using kettle bells, TRX trainers, weights, bikes and more, this fast-paced class builds strength and endurance. Morning and evening classes give you flexibility. And you never have to leave the neighborhood.


High Intensity. Stunning Results.

People that engage in 20 minutes of high-intensity exercise burn 9 times more fat than those that practice 45 minutes of moderate exercise. What can 60 minutes of GRIT do for you?


Always hard. Never dull.

Tired of the same old workout, week in, week out? Ditch the monotony and join the variety. Build strength and conditioning in a fun, fresh environment.


Build your body right.

Functional training helps you use your body everyday, not just in the gym. And with adaptable exercises and modifications, you can give 100% without plaguing your body with constant injuries.


Strong body, strong brain.

Regular strength training and cardiovascular conditioning improve memory, prevent cognitive decline, and work better than antidepressants.