We support your decision to wear a face covering anytime when visiting the gym.  It is not required.  We ask that you continue to clean the equipment as you use it and be mindful of the other patrons and keep your distance when in the gym.

Email with any questions.

8 Weeks to Summer Better Body Challenge


Summer  is Coming!
Join our 8 Weeks to Summer
Better Body Challenge

Drop those extra pounds, get lean, and improve your conditioning to get ready for summer. And it’s a Lose/Win proposition: The more you lose, the more you win.

When: April 10 – June 2, 2017
What: Join your friends and family in this fun spring challenge. Winners will be judged on three criteria:

% change in body weight
% change in body fat
% improvement in cardiovascular performance

First place winner receives cold, hard cash with prizes for second and third place as well.

Entry Fee: $80

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