Sharon Rekieta

“If exercise came in a pill, we’d have the first real anti-aging, stress-reducing, energy-boosting, happiness-inducing medication!”  

—Sharon Rekieta, PhD

Until then, Wild Basin Fitness has something a lot more fun, Sharon Rekieta herself delivering a daily dose of inspiration, class instruction and personal training through movement and music.

Sharon has devoted her entire life to fitness.  With a strong dance background and an entrepreneurial spirit she opened a fitness studio in Houston in the 1980s.  Her love for teaching fitness drove a desire to learn more about success methodologies, especially for motivation and adherence.  Sharon obtained a B.S. in Psychology and Kinesiology from the University of Houston, and then earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Memphis with a research emphasis in sports and exercise motivation, adherence and overall wellness.

Sharon has an unwavering commitment to motivating others to develop and achieve their personal fitness goals.  Whether you’re a beginner just embarking on your fitness journey or an elite athlete looking for a competitive edge, Sharon’s unique and personalized workout plan will always begin with you, and include the mental and psychological drivers behind your goals.

And just one last thing about Sharon, over her lifetime, she has consistently found that her personal bests were inspired by that “perfect song.”  So, rest assured that in each of her classes and training sessions (from fat burning to foam-rolling, stretching to cycling, Pilates reformers to weight lifting) you will always have the moves and music tailored to inspire your best performance.


Personal Training & Private Reformer Training: $65

Group Training & Group Reformer Training: $35/ea