Here’s your opportunity to get workouts in this week!

Early A.M. classes that end before 8am

If you like to wake up, workout, and then head to work, be it at home or on the road, here are classes we offer that finish before 8am.

Go to the Wild Basin Fitness website to see all the classes we offer, and click “sign in” to save your spot in the class. Once you are signed in, we can notify you of any changes that might be in store.

GRIT classes are usually outside on our turf. However, with this TEXAS Winter weather, you never know what you might wake up to. The instructor can text / email those on the roster to let them know if the class has moved inside or if there are any special instructions for that day.

Classes that start after 8am Weekdays

We have a great variety of classes offered for Premium and Live (Virtual) members. Most classes are in our Studio, but a few, like GRIT Strong & GRIT HIIT, take place on the outdoor turf. We also personal train in small groups or individually indoors and outdoors. Please call to schedule a session with one of our trainers and specify whether you would like to work indoors or outside.

Frontdesk: 512.266.6161

Don’t forget … this is the last week for SKI CONDITIONING CLASS on the turf. Saturday, 8:15am! Look on the schedule for more classes offered on the turf Saturday mornings in February.