Coach Will Tyler Brydon

Summer 2022 Training Camps at Wild Basin Fitness

Will Tyler Brydon

Our Summer 2022 camps will be coached by Will Tyler Brydon, from Austin, Texas.

Will Tyler graduated from Regents High School, and went on to play 3 years of college football at Trinity University in San Antonio. While injuries have taken him away from playing the game, it has allowed him to focus on completing his curriculum studying Sports Management at Texas A&M University.

His true passions are in fitness, athletic performance, and general well-being. Will Tyler believes that a healthy body translates to a healthy mind, and loves to help guide others along the path of an active and healthy lifestyle. He has experience training 6th-12th graders in the weight room and on the field, and has worked with K – 5th graders in summer sports camps for the past six years. 

Will Tyler is excited to bring this experience and knowledge to the Wild Basin Fitness Youth Summer Camp.

Email with any questions:

Alpha camp:


  • Designed for the elementary aged participants
  • focus on basics of body movement
  • emphasize how fun working out and staying fit can be

Bravo camp:


  • Designed for upper elementary to middle schoolers
  • emphasize basic movement / form,
  • develop body strength and cardiovascular strength in a positive, fun environment

Charlie camp:


  • Designed for middle to high schoolers
  • emphasize cardiovascular and full body strength
  • fundamentals of weight room and field work
  • very beneficial for athletes preparing for fall sports